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Classic designs in silver and gold
Cippy CrazyHorse

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       Welcome and thank you for visiting our website...please note that some prices listed may not be current. My apologies...I am working to get them updated...but please do call 505.465.2375 or send  an email to susan.crazyhorse@gmail.com for current prices.  The price of silver has leveled off somewhat, but please note that our prices, and prices at galleries and shops that carry Cippy's work may vary, depending on the price of silver when the piece was produced. 

     October, 2014.......Late August brought Indian Market 2014 ~ another fabulous weekend of visiting with old friends and making new ones.  Always so much fun to see Cippy's older pieces that have been treasured by fans who proudly sport them when they visit our booth.  We're so pleased to have our son, Waddie's, work along side Cippy's at both  SWAIA Indian Market in Santa Fe and the Heard Museum Fair in Phoenix in early March.

Cippy's work (and Waddie's!) continue to grow in popularity internationally, primarily in Japan.  Our long time friends, Hiro and Aki Imai of God Trading in Tokyo, continue to be our representatives in Japan.  Hiro first found us at Cochiti Pueblo nearly 20 years ago, and continues to represent the classic, traditional silversmiths with whom he has a close relationship.  I personally believe that Hiro is largely responsible for the knowledge of and popularity of Native American jewelry in Japan.  While in the past Japanese men have been the big collectors of Native American jewelry, more Japanese women are now wearing 'CrazyHorse Classics' ...here's a recently published article in the Japanese women's magazine  -    Ku:nel 

Favorite photos from 2014 Indian Market -




















Favorite photos from 2013 Market -

























Favorite photos from 2012 Indian Market -







Photos from past Indian Markets - Enjoy! Cippy, 2011 Market

         Cippy, 2011 Market

Link to Cippy's interview on YouTube; reportedly an award winner ;)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVCSmXFYEQ0  

Link to 'Cowboy & Indian' magazine article, April 2012    

Link to 'Santa Fean' magazine article, August, 2011

Link to 'Free & Easy' Japanese magazine, April 2011




"Cippy and his "Booth Babes" 2010

"Vintage JHQ Belt (over CZH belt)"

"Cippy with friends on the Plaza"

Waddie CrazyHorse, "Third Generation Silversmith"

"Laura's Collection"

Granddaughter, Miki, age 4, didn't make it to 2010 Market ....she was home irrigating!

Cippy, 2008, with granddaughter, Mikaela Rose - 2 y.o.

2007, Cippy and Miki, age 1

            We ALMOST had a white Christmas this year!    "Rio Grande in White" 2010