Crazy Horse Classics
Headstalls, Halters

     Horses have always been part of our family.  If you have horses, there are always endless possibilities for gifts.  While Cippy has not yet bestowed one of these lovely gifts upon one of our own family members, our horses have served as models!  At left is my late mare, Kesh, wearing the first of Cippy's silver-adorned headstalls.  The headstall itself is from Colorado Horsehair, with sturdy "hitched" horsehair designs which compliment Cippy's traditional conchos and "ranger" buckles.  Available in several buckle designs, as shown in photos below, this headstall style is currently retailing in the $2000 - $3000 range.

   If you have a headstall or halter you would like to have customized by Cippy, please contact us with your ideas. 








   This is an example of a custom headstall adornment...this gorgeous headstall is by Steve Seig from southern Colorado.



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