New Designs from CrazyHorse
We are pleased to introduce our new designs since the last online gallery update!  Pendants continue to be some of Cippy's most popular pieces, including heart pendants, Isleta cross pendants, squash blossom pendants, naja pendants, including a new "mini" naja, and our dragonfly pendants.   Also new is the "Sunburst" bracelet, shown below with turquoise setting, but available with the stone of your choice (also Sunburst buckles!).  Please click on the photos for more information on any of these new pieces.  (If there is no link to that item page, please check back soon...we're still updating!)

HeartPendant.jpg (14738 bytes)         SunburstBrac.JPG (79324 bytes)        SunburstCoral.JPG (31901 bytes)              NajaBeads.jpg (18871 bytes)

                  IsletaCrossR2.jpg (59516 bytes)        DragonflyPendR.jpg (57727 bytes)       MiniNaja3R.jpg (51561 bytes)

  TurqRingsR.jpg (36460 bytes)       FiledRingsBandR.jpg (29884 bytes)       TradStampBrac.JPG (66666 bytes)       SplitTurqR.JPG (84088 bytes)       GJoeStyleR.JPG (49748 bytes)

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