CrazyHorse Classic Beads


"Specialty Beads"
are bead necklaces with that "extra"
CrazyHorse touch.  The four-strand design necklace of "mini" beads
(left) is a "major ribbon" winner at Indian Market.  Due to the
time it takes to produce this many small beads, Cippy has only done
three of these necklaces to date.  Price is in the $6,000 range (if he
will make one for you at all!).    The "long-bead necklace" (right)
is an old design from Cippy's father, Joe H. Quintana.  Joe,
who was an "inventor" at heart, made the "mold" to form these
beads (watch for this process in "techniques" heading soon).
This necklace is 30" in length and sells for $1750.

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